A person walking into a casino would love to go back richer. But would he like a game which gives you the chance of merely breaking even or a game where you get to make thousands over a bet of merely 5 dollars! Hoping you’ve chosen the latter of the two situations, you should know the game in discussion is Slots. Slots gained popularity back in the 80s and people still prefer it over other games in a casino like Craps or Blackjack. But preferring Slots and being good at it needs some knowhow which this article would aim to provide. Here’s eight things you need to know before you walk over to a slot machine:

Are they free?:The answer to that question is “No.” However entertaining they are, you should keep in mind that every time those numbers roll, the are taking bucks out of your pocket.

What do you intend to win?: If that happens to be the jackpot, the best way to do so is by betting the maximum pay lines. It’s simple probability that the more the number of combinations you bet on, the better are the chances for you to win.

Research helps: Try and know which are the slot machines that haven’t paid big in a long time.

Playing at those machines would make your chances of winning the big prize better.

Know where to stop: It is always good to keep in mind where your limit lies when you start playing and if you happen to be losing then stopping at that limit is a wise move. This happens to be the golden rule for all casino games.

Management is the way to go: It is a good idea to have a system for managing the money you have. This way you would not run out of money all of a sudden, which as it turns out, is a bad feeling.

Casinos don’t pick on the new guy: Instead a few casinos give away rewards and bonuses if you happen to walk into one for the very first time. This might be a marketing strategy for them but no book says you can’t exploit it.

Read up on the game you’re about to play: Before you start playing on a particular machine, it’s a good practice to read about the payout information it offers. Now, you get to select which game suits you the best and has the biggest payout.

Capitalize on your winning streak: If you happen to be on a roll and have made a lot of money, it’s not the worst thing to keep riding that way and make a few more bets on the jackpot slots. Knowing your limits is important but walking away on a good day is not a smart move.

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